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Company Profile

NINGBO YUNENG COMPOSITE COPPER CO.,LTD (“YUNENG” in short below ) is located at the south bank of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, a state-level development zone named Hangzhou Bay New District. The distance from Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai all are under 1.5 hours driving, so YUNENG has a good business advantages in convenient transportation and logistics.

          Our company covers an area of 280,000 square meter, having invested RMB500 million and planned investment RMB1800 million to design a new composite metal material . We are aimed to supply annual new composite metal production of 50,000 tons, annual precision strip production of 200,000 tons and gain RMB 3 billion annual production in the future.

 Our company owns a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and mature technology about copper-steel, aluminum-steel, copper-aluminum and other kinds of normal temperature metal composite strip and pipe. Owning advanced equipments and strong R&D teams, we are in close cooperation with several research institutions and universities to technical research and new production development, and also carry on technical exchange with overseas competitors.

  For actual copper demands of the different industries in developed manufacturing Yangtze River Delta Area and Pearl River Delta Area, YUNENG have developed all kinds of different specifications, different mechanical and technological characteristic copper-steel composite strip material, and have created a good social and economic benefits. Like Construction and Decoration Industry, Our copper-steel composite strip is widely recognized by construction units and owners, as it has magnificent texture as copper and good anticorrosion, also has steel good intensity. So it is increasing applied to many public and private projects of walls, ceilings, bronze doors and other decoration materials.
           YUNENG copper-steel composite pipe is widely applied in decoration pipe, low pressure fluid pipe, condenser, bathroom equipment, heat exchanger and other fields, it not only greatly reduce the the production cost, but also with high strength to show a better performance in some fields while pure copper pipe is without. 
           YUNENG aluminum-steel composite metal material is applied to power station air-cooled system, anticorrosion, heat transfer fields and cookware manufacturing. 
           YUNENG also produce copper-aluminum, copper-stainless steel and other composite metal materials.

           YUNENG plan to make a new great progress in new composite metal material field, depending on the the basis of precision strip, new composite metal material and their derivative products for strategic direction, insisting that “gathers the sources by virtue and the lead of management idea by wisdom ”.